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Everyone loves some or the other food item. Each of us do not wish to eat the same item as the other person eats. This fact can not be more perfectly understood by anyone but the food brands. This is why the famous food brands target a specific section which has similar taste preferences and they come up with such dishes that lure those specific set of customers.

Now talking about the customers, every customer wants to eat his favourite food item from the top and the most trusted brand. How do these brands get famous or how do they win customer’s trust? Well, they do win customer’s trust and make their goodwill by constantly improving their service. One such brand is KFC- the Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC has come up with a new idea to record customer’s feedbacks, complaints and suggestions. The idea that KFC has come up with is mykfcexperience.

KFC has started this survey so that it may know well what customers want from it through mykfcexperience. We all are aware of the fact that KFC’,s menu has always remained unmatched with competitors. The food quality, the hygiene, the ambience, the staff service, all are top notch in the segment. And what makes KFC more customer intuitive is its never growing desire of serving its customers with the best quality snacks.


You can sit all day long in a KFC store and have your breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner, all at one place. And KFC us now going to extend the quality of its service by starting this survey- @

Mykfcexperience- everything about it @

KFC has started this survey by launching an official website. It has named the official website as The main motive for launching mykfcexperience website is to record the valuable feedbacks of the customers and address their grievances and improve the services based on their valuable suggestions.

KFC’s survey comes with various other names as well. The names other than mykfcexperience are mykfcsurvey, KFC customer satisfaction survey, KFC customer experience, KFC customer survey, etc. And a major attraction centre of this survey is that you will win free Go-Cups.

Yes, you get a chance to own a free Go-Cup if you fill this survey through mykfcexperience. So, from now onwards, you should start collecting an infinite number of KFC receipts and KFC bills to get a chance for winning an infinite number of free coupons.

But, be sure that some of the essential details are very well printed on your bill or receipts like the store name, the bill number, the KFC survey code, the ticket number you obtain from the outlet, etc. These details will prove to be of great help to you when you sit down for completing the survey.

The process to own free Go-Cups- Complete the survey @

In order to appear for the survey and get your feedback registered, you need to visit the official website of KFC where the survey takes place. On the official website of the survey-, you will get a form which you have to fill correctly in order to be eligible to win the free Go-Cup coupons. The feedback form of mykfcexperience can ask any questions related to your visit.

This may be related to the behavior of staff, their attitude towards you as well as other customers, the cleanliness of the outlet, the promptness with which the staff attended you, the ambience, quality of the food item that you had ordered, etc. You should try to collect as many number of bills as you can because these bills will pave the way for you to go and grab your free Go-Cup coupons.

In addition to this, not only the survey intends to record your feedback, it will also ask for your valuables suggestions. The survey form will also contain a column wherein you can write your complaint regarding any misbehaviour done to you by the staff employees or if you got low-quality food, etc.

Accessing mykfcexperience official website @

Many of you would have become impatient now to exactly know how to avail this exciting prize by one of the leading fast food company. More impatient are we to tell you the procedure. But, everything needs an intro so now we come to main part of the topic- how to access the website and get the feedback registered.

There are certain requisites which you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for the survey. These are the basic requisites and are very simple.

  • First and foremost, you need to access the website For accessing the website, you need an electronic device and a strong internet connectivity.
  • The electronic device may be your mobile phone, your personal computer or your laptop. Just ensure that your device supports a browser so that you can access the official website.
  • The next important thing you need the most is the latest KFC bill or receipt. It should be handy to you at that point of time since you have to enter the details from it.
  • A KFC bill or receipt is mandatory in this process because you have to enter a code in the survey website. The code is printed on the bill itself. Also, without the code, you will not be able to initiate the survey.
  • This takes us to another instruction, that is, make sure that everything is clearly printed on your receipt. If not, then ask the staff member, who is attending you at that point of time, to print a new receipt for you.
  • Lastly, you should be free for a couple of minutes to complete the survey. Completing the survey in a hurry may result in incorrect information which might be entered by you.
  • Keep one thing in mind that the survey will stop if you fill it half and close the site. That means you have to complete the survey entirely, click submit and then close the site.

In detail- Stepwise guide to complete the survey

Let us have a glance on step by step guide to complete the survey. We have provided a step by step guide so that you do not face any hindrance when you sit for completing the survey.

  • First things first, you need to go to a KFC outlet. So go there, order something for yourself, pay the amount, take the receipt, have your order, and then leave the store if you want or if you have some time with you, be there and complete the survey instantly.
  • When you have completed eating and have some spare time with you, then open the website and initiate the survey.
  • As you will open the website, a page will be opened for you in which you will be required to enter some details. The data that you will be required to enter will be the survey code.
  • Now, the survey will be made accessible to you.  A page will again open in which several columns will be present. These columns will require you to fill some data. The data will be related to the recent visit of yours to the KFC store. You will be asked to give your ratings regarding the visit, the quality of food served to you, the cleanliness, the behavior of the staff, etc.
  • At the end of the survey, you can also fill in your grievances, if any, and other valuable suggestions that may be of use to the company.
  • Now, click on submit button to submit your form and not down the code for your free Go-Cup coupon.
  • For redeeming your award, visit any outlet of KFC again, and show the code on the counter. You will get your reward.

We hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!!